Are you driven, ambitious & have great banter?


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Are you driven, ambitious & have great banter?


About Me

Driven, Confident, Independent, Loving, Kind, Fierce

As the title suggests, are you the kind of man who really goes for what he wants in life? Can you be witty and hold a relatively intellectual conversation without being put off by a woman who is not afraid to express an opinion? If so then read on!.

I am a modern day woman who has ambition and drive and looking for a man who is also of the modern mindset and doesn't want to chain me to the sink! (although i am a great cook.) I've got a tough exterior with a soft interior I'm mostly a big mouth and a lot of bravado when you first meet me but if you hang on in there you'll see my gentler side too!

My hobbies consist of running eating out and cooking for friends, reading and all things vintage! I also love to sing and when I was younger I used to perform a lot, I'm a bit out of practise but dying to get back into it So if you own/play an instrument - bonus!

I also love traveling and have been living in Fukuoka now for 1 month

So this is me On the whole I'm a modern day Elizabeth Bennett Dry, witty and I don't suffer fools lightly Interested? Inbox me now - by the time you've gone and made a cup of tea and thought of something witty to say I may have already found my Mr Darcy!

  • I am Seeking a: Man
    Seeking: Dating
    Ethnicity: European
  • Marital Status: Single
    Education: Bachelors degree
    Occupation: Teacher

My Interests:

Singing, Karaoke, Reading, Running, Travel,

I am looking for

Some new friends in the city and who knows maybe some romance too?!

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